PURLs Surveillance Team

Thank you for considering joining the PURLs Surveillance Team.  PURLs (Priority Updates to the Research Literature) are published in The Journal of Family Practice and FPIN’s journal, Evidence-Based Practice.  In addition, we are planning to expand to other family medicine journals.  This expansion is due to both the popularity of the series and the number of practice-changing articles.  Therefore, we need more nominators!  

The PURLs Surveillance Team is a community of family medicine docs and primary care clinicians who share and discuss practice-changing research articles.  These interactive conversations influence which articles are sent to the next level for consideration to be critically appraised further and potentially published as a PURL or a Diving for PURL. 

Surveillance team members will be assigned to review one journal per month.  In addition, the eTOC (electronic table of contents) will be sent monthly as a reminder to check for new articles.  Finally, if a potential practice-changing article is discovered using the PURL criteria, the nominator is expected to submit it to the PURLs Nomination listserv for peer discussion.
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